Weekend Wrap Up

We had a pretty good weekend here.

Saturday, EC woke up at6:30 am, took a shower, made some cereal, bought Moana on Amazon (Which I need to call and have them credit). I was so surprised. She’s such a big girl. I cannot wait until we get to that age with WW too. We played around the house, cleaned up and found things to drop at the donation center. We had a baby sitter come in for a few hours and SM and I drove around in the rain and talked. After the baby sitter left, SM took the kids to the McDonald’s Play Place until dinner.  I still cannot go in there because OMG FRENCH FRIESSSSSSSS. We rented The Lorax and the kids fell right to sleep.

After they were asleep, SM and I watched 50 Shades of Black, a Wayans Brother parody of 50 Shades of Grey. Two things. One, I hate 50 Shades of Grey for so many reasons. Two, the art of the parody is now held only by the Wayans Brothers. They kill it every single time. I was about to pee my pants a few times.

Sunday was so busy and so much fun. I’d won tickets to see The All American Rejects in a Mix Lounge on the radio. I was about three feet away from where Tyson would stand. I have very fond memories of him from being 15. He is still so beautiful and tall. I wasn’t a fan of his outfit. he had a grey wife beater tucked into a pair of pants that had two sets of belt loops??? He just looked very strange. They played 4 songs and talked in between. I got a picture with them but it’s not up on the website yet.

SM and I then decided to eat lunch in Boston. Or was it brunch? We’re really not cool enough to know. We had breakfast burritoes of which he could only eat half and I could barely have 5 bites.


It was then my friend’s son’s baptism. (Mormons baptize at 8) It was a great service with a wonderfully after party. The kids were exhausted by the end of the day. Heck even I was asleep by 10.

We had a lot of fun and made many memories.


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