2 Week Follow Up

I went into my two week follow up with a pretty good high honestly. I was on the Karson and Kennedy Radio Show and played Can’t Beat Kennedy. It’s a pop culture show and if you beat her you get $100. You can listen here. They spelled my name wrong though.

So that was pretty cool. I met with my nutritionist and told her that I was concerned that artificial sweeteners was what was killing my stomach and causing me to have near constant diarrhea. We went through my list of questions about foods I can eat. Sweet potatoes are off the list, guys. Heartbreaking. But I can eat bread, if I make it myself or find something that’s made with almond flour. I can also buy some Atkins mix. She was very happy that I made it up to 30g of protein yesterday and finally hit my water intake goal.

I feel like I have a much clearer picture of what I can and cannot eat.

I met with my doctors as well. They were super impressed with how well my incisions have healed and I’m cleared to swim again! (But still no sex. Rude) All in all, it was a great visit and I feel confident in where I’m headed.


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