How My Recovery Reminds Me of Pregnancy and Labor and Delivery

1. Packing my hospital bag.

I woke up at 5am on Monday and true to my procrastination, packed my hospital bag. It contained 3 pairs of comfy pants, 2 sports bra, a couple of tanks, hair ties, headbands and a charger. Basically the staples i needed while in recovery for bebes.

2. I have special pillows that I need at all times and water near me at all times.

Instead of a boppy for the hour long nursing sessions, I have my tummy pillow that I press against me when I need to cough, roll over or sit up. I also put it until my stomach while I sleep. I have my back pillow which is one of those giant pillows that look like a chair. Then i have my regular sleeping pillow. I am trying to stay hydrated so I’m drinking thimble amounts of water all freaking day.


3. I feel kinda useless.

I can’t clean, pick up the kids, drive alone, all that crap.


4. Im so aware of my stomach.

I touch it all the time. I look at my incisions. I press on it when it gurgles. I even have “phantom kicks” which weird me the eff out.

5. The drugs are AMAZING

I was given oxycodone for pain management. I am in no way abusing my meds but they are giving me crazy dreams, sleep like I haven’t had in years, and I feel slightly drunk before I take my nap.

6. Daily naps.

How I have missed daily naps. I have taken a nap every day and it’s amazing. Everyone leaves me alone and I get some nice ZZZs.


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